Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Beginning Renovations Are Boring

When you start a renovation it is usually lacking in a lot of glamour.  A lot of mundane things are happening.  I mean how thrilling is this?

Not only is this boring but a lot of your initial expense can go to these and then you won't even look at them on a daily basis.  Some of the boring things we've done so far:  A new and bigger water heater, unclogging drains and replacing old pvc pipes, getting a new roof, fixing the a/c and heating unit, cleaning electrical outlet covers, and painting.

Soon we'll get the flooring in and the kitchen will undergo its transformation.  We'll retrieve all our furniture and things from storage.  Then the renovation will look pretty.  For now I will just have to stay content with boring.  If these things weren't done, no matter how much dressing up the place we did, it wouldn't matter.  It would be worthless if the roof were leaking, the pipes were clogged, the a/c cut out in the middle of summer.

Here's a book I enjoyed reading awhile back.  If you're interested in renovating a manufactured home, trailer, or single wide mobile home, this is a good read.  There's lots of great ideas and instructions on how-to.  I love reading Anna Hess and have followed her blog for a few years. 

She's also a prolific writer about homesteading and has many titles available on Amazon.

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