Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Kitchen Progress

We've now lived here roughly two months.  We've made so much progress and faster than I thought.  A major part of the budget had to go to the kitchen.  I mean, what's not to love here, right?  Just about everything...  I'd say this is a typical 1990's manufactured home kitchen and color scheme.

Should I start with the floor up or the ceiling down?  The floor is linoleum.  It's staying for a tiny bit longer.  We'll bring the same floor from the living room into here.

Those white appliances were sold.  Part of the budget was a new stove and dishwasher.  Something we would be happy with for many years.  The old dishwasher didn't work and the seller reimbursed us the cost of the new dishwasher off our purchase price.

You'll see the fridge is to the left of the stove.  This arrangement didn't work for me and felt like a galley kitchen had been installed in a square space.  

The new stove and dishwasher were installed.  I'll post detailed info about those later.  The faux oak cabinets on the bottom were torn out.  The dividing wall of "floating" cabinets was torn out.  

The counter tops and tile backsplash were torn out.  The sink is about 6 inches deep so it had to go, too.

The position and angle of the sink caused several problems.  I'm a shorty and it made it difficult to reach the upper cabinets behind the sink.  I didn't like the position of the sink and felt it should sit directly under the window.  The triangle space created an empty zone where something...made a yucky smell.  Another reason the cabinets had to go.  I think they absorb smells over time.

Here is the opposite wall.  Again we tore all of the cabinets and counter top out.  For a better flow we placed the fridge against this wall.

I think this works much better.

This is where things are today.  Same floor.  New cabinets.  We'll remove the upper cabinets and re-work that area later.  We've installed a new farmhouse sink.  Changing the angle meant bringing the kitchen out another foot.

That sink is huge!  I'll detail more in another post.

I'm looking forward to getting this back cubby area cleaned out and useable.  The microwave will move and we'll have a coffee area back there.

I picked up this small table for $10 at an estate sale with the intention of repainting and selling it.  I put it here for the time being and it has turned into everyone's favorite place to eat.

One of my prize possessions, the china hutch, is housing all manner of dishes.  It will be repainted to match the final colors.  Oh yes, I forgot to mention I'll be painting all the cabinets!  That will be a fun reveal.

Another view of the sink and dishwasher area.  There's also a tease of a chandelier I'm going to tell you about later.

So far I'm really happy with this update.  It's getting modern updates while also retaining some farmhouse/French details.

In case you thought I had forgotten to put counter tops... Those will be coming.  One of our largest single expenses was buying counter tops.  The ordering and install process is taking a little longer than expected.  I'm told we should have counter tops within the next four weeks.  I guess that will be a good time to give another kitchen update.

I think our next big project is putting flooring in our daughter's room.  See you then!

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  1. Hi Julie, your kitchen is coming along beautifully! How exciting! :) Thank you for sharing your progress with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays. It is so much fun :)

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    2. You're welcome! So glad you are following my journey.